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THINKERS, TRICKSTERS, HEROES, HEROINES AND SORCERERS . . . all can be found in the work of nationally known sculptor Ray Kobald. In his sculptures, there are mysteries, legends, stories.

To view Kobald's work is an invitation to explore a mystery. Some figures hide behind masks. Some look up under head coverings. All suggest a story. As writer, Elizabeth Johnston tells us, "Their attention is reverently engaged in a vastness we cannot see. He creates standing figures that look off into distance and time, looking past the viewer into something else. Their attention is reverently and totally engaged by a vastness we cannot see. The sense of vast space, and their reverence within it, speaks to us."
- Elizabeth Johnston, Arts Beat magazine.

A nationally known American sculptor living and working in St. Charles, Illinois, Kobald's work is in demand throughout the United States and abroad. It has been purchased for both private and public collections. His monumental commission works grace courtyards, parks, governmental, and private buildings.

Ray continues to create a wide variety of bronze sculptures from moderately sized to prodigious works. Please sit back, relax and take a tour of his studios.  

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